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4. Why is Incontinix® different from every other bladder supplement?

Most bladder formulas on the market today make big claims without any proof, our formula was put to the test in a REAL clinical study.

And the results were so mind-blowing, that the study was published in a journal called BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.

Here’s the details of that study:

Researchers from Australia wanted to know if the formula in Incontinix® could alleviate common incontinence symptoms. So they recruited 150 volunteers suffering from bladder issues.

It was an 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard of scientific research).

The results?

The researchers were stunned when they discovered that the breakthrough formula in Incontinix® significantly improved ALL parameters of bladder health. These amazing results included:

  • Fewer bathroom visits during the day
  • Decreased urges to “go” at night
  • Leaks cut in HALF
  • Improved quality of life

That’s because the participants given this amazing bladder control formula saw their overall urgency reduced by 62%. And 60% of participants claimed to start having a NORMAL daytime frequency. Plus… almost 25% STOPPED racing to the bathroom at night. And after just 8 weeks 23% of volunteers claimed to be totally symptom-free.

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